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Chin down : Pride : Gonna be alright..
As said on my title, deeply appologizing here. I did leave for a long time without a warning and I deeply appologize because everyone here is so darn cool and so nice.
I don't think, unless you wish to ask, going into detail on why would be appropriate here, but family emergency I hope is acceptable. Things have not been easy or good on my part, but I would love to return back into this game. Again, I'm sorry. I'll be sure to post a hiatus notice next time. I just haven't been in the right place.

Back now.

28th-Apr-2008 01:22 am - So it's come down to this
Aerith // flower girl
I really hate to do this, but I'm dropping all of my characters.  ilu all, but I've never really felt like I've fit in in this community, and with my life being on the up and down almost constantly, I really don't have the desire to keep things going.  So Aerith, Vivi, Zidane and Ritz are up for grabs.  If someone applies for them, let me know and I'll change over the passwords for the accounts (so you don't have to make a new journal for these characters).

Maybe sometime down the road I might hop back into this community, but I don't forsee it in the near future.  I hope you don't mind if I keep some of you on AIM at least...

EDIT: Ugh, I hate feeling so fickle, already I'm having second thoughts of giving up Aerith (the others I can deal with)...  *sighs*

EDIT AGAIN: Dropping everyone but Aerith, who is remaining on hiatus until I make a definitive decision.
26th-Apr-2008 08:16 pm(no subject)
Brandy is here and she has a new character!


The greatest and most evil sorceress to live >DDD Sephiroth would be her whiny he-bitch... along with Adel.


Or if you're evil and powerful too, perhaps you could team up! OhfuckingGodhelpusall

Oh and uh... Seifer... she might want to recruit you as her knight. Squall and Rinoa, she might fill up with unimaginable hate and anger upon seeing you.


She'll probably participate in date night too 8D FUN TIMES.


Can anyone supply me with good quality icons or screen caps of Ultimecia?
25th-Apr-2008 03:11 am(no subject)
Heeeey! Lisa (Kain/Auron-mun here). I just want to warn everyone I'm in threads with that I'm going to be out of town/crazy busy on Friday and Saturday, so I'll likely get behind with replies. I'll tryyy to check in and respond though (definitely won't be on AIM, but e-mail, etc I'll have a much better chance at checking).

I'll be completely up to speed again Sunday onward! XD
24th-Apr-2008 11:08 pm - Another character
2 (whispyr)
I already have Penelo here, but now I have Selphie Tilmitt from Final Fantasy VIII here as well. Get ready for insane cheerfulness.

I'm currently playing this game right now, so a bit obsessed with it and the rest of Final Fantasy still anyway!

My AIM is the same as before... even for just chatting! PeneloFFXII!
20th-Apr-2008 08:58 pm - moar haitus
So I'm not going to be here from Tuesday to Sunday (I think). I'm going on a trip for college, so no internets access and stuff. =D See you then!
20th-Apr-2008 04:39 pm(no subject)
So you guys know.

I will be on a mini-hiatus 8D

FOR TWO WHOLE DAYS OMG. Those days being Monday and Tuesday because life sucks. HOW WILL YOU SURVIVE WITHOUT MY MODLY POWERS?!

Sadly, this means that Missy will be left completely in charge. I know, I know, how the hell is this comm not going to explode? I do not have the answer to that burning question, which is currently plaguing all of your puny gigantic brains.


19th-Apr-2008 01:28 pm(no subject)
☆ // will wait forever
Figured now that I can post in OOC I'd introduce myself since I'm completely new. I'm Megan and am bringing Penelo from FFXII!

My AIM is PeneloFFXII for when I'm on or you can stalk me through e-mail at mariners.moyer@gmail.com.

Edit: Because I'm officially a dork, it's PeneloFFXII and not PeneloXII. I don't know why the FF kept escaping my mind! XD
19th-Apr-2008 02:50 am(no subject)

It's a good idea, we just need an activity injection.  Advertising gets us little new apps, and reservations that never follow through.
Just asking for an injection.
(I mod there so questions may go to me... ya'll can just scroll down and get my AIM)
╰⊰⊹sp⊹⊱╮ 'the bitter irony'
I've a nice small oekaki board that's spam free with adult filters and moderated membership. It's mostly just three people doodling at this time but anyone is welcome to join. That's all really. I end up drawing crazy roleplay related things on it so I thought I would offer it to anyone in the community that might be interested or need a free program that's two and a half steps up from MSpaint.

18th-Apr-2008 01:06 pm - MISSY IS A H0R AND BRANDY IS A H8R.
Missy has yet another kid to poke fun at, so please welcome Raijin! He will be living with Fujin and working as our lifeguard, so beware.


An example!

mrs cerberus: Raijin
mrs cerberus: don't try to use yer magic
mrs cerberus: to save the people who need
mrs cerberus: life guarding
mrs cerberus: >:|
RighteousLies: LOL

Hades: He's a great life guard. *Stacks all the new contracts* Great job kid. 8D
Raijin: Doh.
Seifer: Rai... I think you're doing it wrong. Just a thought.
Raijin: I thought a shark was coming, ya know?
Seifer: That makes sense. *Prods a body.* Guess you saved 'em from havin' to live here. *laugh*
Raijin: *scratches head and shrugs* They come back eventually, though they're not too happy ya know?
Axel: *Stomps out of underworld soaking wet, spits up water* >:|
Seifer: Since when d'you swim? *idly*
Axel: I don't, he knocked me in.
Raijin: ... It was an accident ya know?
Seifer: *raises an eyebrow.* ....How'd that happen?
Axel: He dropped his fishing pole and grabbed me and held me under the dock, THOUGHT he saw a shark and dropped me. Then he tried to zap the shark. >_O; It was just a shoe.
Raijin: *tries not to laugh* :|
Seifer: *Also tries... fails*
Axel: *wrings hair out and DOESNT LAUGH X|*

It's okay Raijin buddy, Hades loves you.

Also, now that the character count is 8, please welcome back Xemnas and Xigbar!   I MISSED YOU BABIES. ;_;
17th-Apr-2008 09:47 pm(no subject)
HAY!  I can post in the OOC now!  I'm Zappa.  Totally new here, playing Celes.  I might bring in Gau later, when I get used to playing him at another comm (not FF oriented)

HI!  Zappaslave on Aim, since people have given me so much of their SNs
17th-Apr-2008 05:12 pm - failed transmission

Life distracts me.

So I haven't been active in a bit less than, I think, two weeks.


For those of you who can associate meaning with this fact, you can sweet merciful god please IM me on AIM at grinning cadaver.

Riku needs to like... get around more. Ferrealz.
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